Paris -day 8

Day 8, Oct 12 (Eric's birthday so sent him a text)

We spent the day with Robb & Cindy wandering the Latin Quarter and St. Germain area. I could have used another day in this area, but what we did get to see was so gorgeous & inspiring.

Started the morning at Luxembourg garden - a formal Italian inspired garden created by Marie Medici after the death of one of the King Louis's.....

St. Sulpice is the most ornate Jesuit church (though the plainest church we've seen) and second in size only to Notre Dame. It has a world renowned organ.

A few blocks away we visited St. Germain de Pres, likely the oldest church in Paris. The difference in this church was that the columns and surfaces were painted rather than carved stone.

St Germain des Pres

We wandered by the restaurant Les Deux Magots where Hemmingway and friends used to hang out though we didn't stop to eat.

After lunch we ambled over to the Pantheon, yet another ornate building filled with dramatic ceilings - its crypt area is filled with tombs of many famous French people. The Foucault pendulum is an interesting exhibition - the experiment proving that the earth rotates.

Foucault's pendulum (photo bombed by Robb!)

Voltaire's tomb
in the crypt, but not in a tomb :)
Last stop of the day was to visit Berthillon ice cream on Isle de Louis. It was a charming part of town that I would love to have spent more time exploring, but Dan was done for the day.  So ice cream then back to the apartment.

End of day 8.

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