Photo Update

Boy, it's a lot easier doing a photo a day when you're not working! Probably 7 months of random, often uninspired photos is enough anyway :-) But what I gained from the exercise is a commitment to take the camera out more, look for photo ops in unusualy situations, and to take the setting off 'auto' more often. Here's the most recent efforts - we went to the county fair a couple weeks ago and I made a couple of floral arrangements for my decorating blog (see more there with complete step by step instructions). http://www.yourdeocratinghotline.com/ as a reminder.
Looks like one kid was lovin' it, one not so much.

Ferris wheel, artistically.

The ubiquitous balloon man was a hit.

Some funky prize winning Japanese chicken.

Flowers - glad to see the skills came back to me after I got started.


It's September Already!

A couple of early morning cactus flower shots - they only open in the mornings when it's cool and we only saw them as buds for a couple days and open a couple of mornings, then they're done. Guess flowering takes lots of water.....

The flowers really drew the bees and I got lucky to catch this one.