Paris -day 2

Wednesday, Oct 6

This was to be our day of rest and recuperation. We've come from a busy week in London and Mike & Anna, Robb & Cindy have come from days in Normandy. After a leisurely morning, we discovered by accident that there was to be a scheduled museum strike on Thursday. So, we adapted.  Instead of a relaxing afternoon, we decided to start the museum march....... We began with the d'Orsay.

A rainstorm moved in that afternoon and we all got good and wet.

The d'Orsay is in a converted train station.  This is the sculpture 'garden'.  They have a wonderful impressionist collection but my cold was really getting me down so I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked.  However, Dan had a revelation - after walking through a couple rooms of impressionist art, he told me he now understands my art style and preferences. An aha moment!

The lock bridge - I thought they were going to take them all off, but it hasn't happened yet. And locks are appearing on other bridges as well - it may be a losing battle.

We have added lots of interesting door photos to our collection.

End of our second day - and we rested up for a hectic day tomorrow.

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