Paris - day 1

Today is a travel day between London and Paris.  We took the Chunnel and enjoyed a couple hours of comfortable train travel.  It was raining most of the trip but we did get to see some of the countryside. We arrived in Paris about 4:30 and took a cab to the apartment, arriving first.  Robb & Cindy and Mike & Anna were stuck in traffic (they were coming from the Normandy area).

The apartment we rented through Flip Key was excellent. The hospitality of the hosts was excellent, the apartment was beautifully appointed, just as advertised.  And we came to appreciate how centrally located it was.  Since there were 3 couples, we needed 3 bedrooms and wanted 3 baths - we got that and more.......

our bedroom - good sized with a big window onto the street below

our welcome gift from our hosts - a bottle of wine, croissants, and lovely fresh flowers

Dinner was late and this local bakery is the only "quick" food open (they DID have more than just pasteries).

This is the view from our windows. Our apartment is on embassy row, across the street from the Japanese and British consulates, with others up and down the street. Lots of armed guards everywhere. On our side of the street were high end clothing stores - fashionistas everywhere.

La Madeleine church was located just a couple blocks from our apartment and became our landmark to know we  were almost home. The metro station is right across the street.

Place de Concorde
Our first day in Paris ended early when we headed to bed to catch up on rest......

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