190/365 Sunrise

Dan and I have turned into quite the early risers - usually awake by 5am if not before. I actually got out of bed one morning and took this sunrise shot from our patio. Love that even the sunbeams showed up.

189 a&b / 365 Sunflowers

Every day I drive by this row of sunflowers on my way to and from work. Today I decided to go at lunch and take some pictures. I have a real range of pictures; these are some of my faves.

In addition to slowing down the volume of photos I'm taking, I've been having major technical issues - my photoshop program wasn't working and I couldn't get the pics out of the camera, blah, blah, blah! It's working temporarily (who knows why), so I'm rushing to get as much done as I can. Enjoy this blast of summer.

188 a&b / 365

A couple more great sunflower blooms.

187/365 Office

Here's the exterior of my new office. Imagine me at the desk just inside the front door.

183/365 Outcropping

This rock outcropping is behind the office - a storm was moving in and the composition caught my eye. Plus, I hadn't taken a picture in awhile....

181/365 Bench

This bench picture turned out cool. Couldn't sit on it cuz it's 100 degrees and the slats are dark metal. But it sure made an interesting, abstract picture.

180/365 Off to Work

Headed out the door for the first day on a new job.


178/365 Lake Havasu

We drove to Lake Havasu today and here's a couple great shots of the lake....

Ooops, no picture after all. Terrie forgot to put the memory card back in the camera after reviewing the fireworks pictures! Oh Man! It was my first visit and was looking forward to taking a picture or two to fill in my week. Guess I'll have to show you the next time we go down. It's only an hour away but 10 degrees hotter (more like Vegas) but the whole town is built along the lakefront so it seems like it should be cooler. I can't remember when I've ever seen so many boats being pulled, being launched and out on a lake. And there were some major speed boats!

I'm falling off the picture pace so really need to refocus my energies........ here goes.

177/365 July 4th

These are a few of the fireworks pics I took this year. Tried a new technique I'd read about where the shutter speed is set quite slow (5-6 seconds) and the focus is changed during the shot. I didn't get the results the article explained, but I did get some cool shots. These are some of our faves.
Remember, you can double click to see them bigger. - We thought this first one looked like electricity in those sci-fi movie energy balls.....
The definition of what constitutes 'lots of people' is certainly different in a small town. We got there maybe 15 minutes before the fireworks, parked within a few blocks, when it was over, walked back to the car and pulled right out into traffic, no waiting...... the whole event took only a little more than an hour!

176/365 Rainbows

We had a big thunderstorm blow through and Dan looked out the window after and saw this! We could see the double rainbow from horizon to horizon - it was SO beautiful.
Does that mean double good luck?