Paris - day 7

Day 7, Sunday, Oct 11

Our ranks reduced by sickness, just Cindy and I head off to spend the day shopping for bargains at the Marches aux Puces (flea market).  The sick people rested and took small forays out for food.

There are over 14 individual markets, each with a general personality (clothing, antiques, home goods, etc) with both an indoor and outdoor area accessed by intertwining narrow alleys.

We only made it through 4 markets in our full day of shopping and were just about shopped out.  Not really what we'd call bargain prices, but it was sure fun to look around - and I did manage to find a few treasures:

architecture rendering book pages from 1872 that I framed

a really big old serving spoon (next to my tablespoon for scale)
some rusty old keys - this was a fun find!

Dan went out for lunch and accidentally wandered by this cool building - the Opera House.

End of day 7.

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