zebra grass -day270

zebra grass -day270, originally uploaded by tpurk.

My $5 plant bought at a garage sale this spring (thanks CC!) and it's growing like gangbusters! Love those stripes!


I have an idea -day269

I have an idea -day269, originally uploaded by tpurk.

My art work table as I get ready to explore another idea. Too many ideas, too little time....

Forks -day267

Forks -day267, originally uploaded by tpurk.

As the weather turns cold and rainy, it's time to move inside for photographs which will certainly challenge my creativity - fewer flowers! I've been meaning to take a macro of something other than flowers for a long time in connection with the Mortal Muse challenge - I finally do it and they've moved on to the next challenge of blur. So, this might be a little late, but an interesting exercise none-the-less.

(it's just the tips of the tines of the forks, point down then converted to BW....)


Monochromatic -day268

Monochromatic -day268, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Kat (a blogging buddy) has had a theme of monochromatic for the last couple weeks and I just couldn't come up with a photo op that seemed to fit. Today I created one using bark, peeled Madrona bark and some terra cotta stars I have on my dining table. I think it suits the theme well.


Summer's last hurrah -day266

Summer's last hurrah -day266, originally uploaded by tpurk.

I went out and clipped a few of the last flowers of the summer - everything is winding down so soon you'll be seeing fall pics showing up instead of summery flowers.

Relaxing -day265

Relaxing -day265, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Here I am, entertaining myself while Dan is hosting his first Seattle poker game in 13+ years! I retreat to the bedroom but make sure I have the necessities: a book, a couple of new magazines, my tangle stuff and of course the TV remote.


Fence & Flowers -day264

HFF day264, originally uploaded by tpurk.

For HFF (Happy Fence Friday) I took this shot and added some processing to vignette the sun dappled leaves.

Bark -day263

Bark -day263, originally uploaded by tpurk.

This horizontal branch at the disc golf course was just begging for a photo!


Sunrise -day262

Sunrise -day262, originally uploaded by tpurk.

This morning's sunrise as I looked across the street about 5:45am. SO pretty!

Art? day261

Art? day261, originally uploaded by tpurk.

There were several poles of this parking lot art at the local community center. I was there talking to the manager about teaching some design classes.

They're going to offer a couple of accessorizing classes in the winter quarter and see how they go.


Garden bounty -day260

Garden bounty -day260, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Cindy sent home some of her home grown tomatoes with us. They have real tomato flavor! Yum!


Foggy mountains -day259

Foggy mountains -day259, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Coming home from Chelan we left sunny behind and drove into foggy, misty, drizzly NW weather. Welcome to Seattle!

Sunrise -day258

Sunrise -day258, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Saturday morning sunrise from the patio. What a beautiful sky!


day257, originally uploaded by tpurk.

We went to Chelan for the weekend to see T&C and I didn't take a pic before we left. After we got there, we were busy chatting of course, so this was taken right before bed of the casita chandelier. (I was sitting on the ground!)


dahlia -day255

dahlia -day255, originally uploaded by tpurk.

How do you find a different perspective? I tried from top, from underneath, but liked from the side the best. Dahlia season is winding down, then what will I do?



day253, originally uploaded by tpurk.

I noticed this stack of semi trailers driving home last week so went back today for the shot.


Football -day252

Football -day252, originally uploaded by tpurk.

This will be the scene at my house on Sunday for the foreseeable future. Dan and Adam (or Eric or both) watching a game, flipping to other games and following their fantasy numbers on the laptop! I serve food. :)

Sunset -day251

Sunset -day251, originally uploaded by tpurk.

We've been having absolutely stunning sunsets the last few nights so decided to go down to Alki in W.Seattle to take photos. The weather was perfect, the sky gorgeous, a great end to a great day. D picked this one as the best cuz he liked the ring around the sun.


HFF -day250

HFF -day250, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Happy Fence Friday again - this was in the neighborhood (what else but cyclone fencing?!)

Garden waterfall -day249

Garden waterfall -day249, originally uploaded by tpurk.

I haven't been to my local botanical garden in a while so decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and go today. Wandered around taking tons of shots then just sat by the waterfall and read my book for a half hour or so. Heaven!


Rusty Graffiti -day247

Rusty Graffiti -day247, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Took a different route home from work and found this container tucked into the weeds. Love the rusty stuff!

Yard art -day246

Yard art -day246, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Not happy with this one - the composition is okay but the focus much too soft. However, I was gone all day and didn't check it until too late to take an alternate, so soft focus it is :)


Play -day245

Play -day245, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Ron's grandkids at the family picnic today. I don't usually have good luck capturing kids in motion but these 2 never quit, so I had lots of opportunities. :)

The food was yummy, the company fun and for a change, the weather was perfect!


Sand Castles -day244

Sand Castles -day244, originally uploaded by tpurk.
We went to a nearby sand castle competition with Ron & Jeanne that had about 30 entries. This was first place in the doubles category. 2 people given 56 hours over 4 days to complete. The other side is a female figure in the fetal position coming out of an eggshell. Some unique sculptures....

A fun hour or so in Federal Way.


HFF -day243

HFF -day243, originally uploaded by tpurk.
For Fence Friday, I liked the way these flowers spilled between the slats. I took many shots experimenting with DOF and POV - narrowed it to these two. One emphasizes the verticality of the fence, the other has more flowers in focus and a lower POV (point of view), but I'm not crazy about the slice of blown out sky at the top. sigh.


Garden Fresh -day242

Garden Fresh -day242, originally uploaded by tpurk.
Exploring with a Camera is challenging us to eliminate the extraneous and focus only on the story we want to tell. First by framing within the camera but resorting to cropping if needed.

My neighborhood farmer's market and this flower booth caught my eye. Although it shows the idea of the market, it has too many veggies and booth supports, etc. So I eliminated the extraneous.....

Below is the original shot....