Abstract glass -day30

This is the textured glass in our sidelight window. A little playing with the angle gives a sort of abstract landscape. See it? See, right there?


Round 'n round -day 29

Dan was working on his bike so I was inspired to try to capture some gear/motion thing. Took a LOT of shots & most were unsuccessful. This was the best of the lot.


Ping Pong - day28

Dan and I played a few rousing games of ping pong this afternoon since it was rainy and cold. We intended to go to the International District for Chinese New Year celebrations, but the weather won. So instead of cool pictures of a Chinese dragon, you get this! It is a photographic journey of this year of our life, after all.

Oops -day 27

Oops I did it again .... forgot to post my shot here. Took the uninspired shot. Remembered flickr. Forgot here. It was so boring I played around with adjustments and texture layers to try to improve it. Marginal improvement.....


Foggy - day26

REALLY foggy here this morning and when I went to the mailbox I spotted my perfect shot of the day!

Knothole -day25

Took this yesterday but forgot to post it here. A knothole on the deck.....


Playground Spiral -day24

On my photo walk today I passed a playground and tried a bunch of shots. I always like finding the abstract in the everday. I'm reaping an unexpected benefit from the photo/day project - I'm heading outside (fresh air), taking walks (exercise), learning the neighborhood and getting away from my computer every day or 2. Excellent!




GOAL - day 20

I will eat better this year. I will eat better this year. I will eat........


I'm feeling uninspired but don't want to lose momentum so this was what I saw when I look up from my desk - which is where I live. Even a boring lamp can become quasi interesting.


Olympics - day18

Off the back deck catching the east sun warming the trees - our peek-a-boo view of the Olympics was crisp and clear this morning.


Branch on Red -day15 & 16

A neighborhood walk found me noticing this branch tangled in another branch and balanced perfectly in front of the fence. I included 2 to make up for one of my first of the month missed days.


Tigger - day 14

The boys were here all day, we played games and I got busy and forgot about my photos. This was a last minute easy subject shot to fill the quota. Might be seeing a few more of these now and then.........


Intrusion -day 13

On my neighborhood walk I spotted this cart shoved into the bushes - so out of place and a long way from a grocery store (the Big Lots is actually a couple miles away!). I liked the red against green, cart against bushes, urban against nature.


Lichen Branch -day12

More rain but I ventured out today anyway. Trees in Seattle are SO cool with all the mossy, lichen stuff everywhere. Great texture.


Pear Trio -day 11

I certainly have lighting/shadow issues though I got the focus figured out. Liked the juxtaposition of textures here but need to work on eliminating those weird lighting shadows.


Yum -day 10

Today is the first day of a "kitchen" theme. I took pic after pic of pears - groupings, singles, bright light, dim light, in focus, out of focus. Didn't like 'em. Cut one and tried some combos of that then had the idea of trying a slow shutter speed and showing my hand taking the pear for a bite. While not perfect, it's the best of the day.


Red - day9

One of the tips to completing a 365 project is to have your camera with you at all times. I'm tryin'. I actually had it with me today when I went to the store and around back I noticed these water valves or whatever they are. Bright red against the boring stucco building......


Snow Ball -day8

Was supposed to snow yesterday, but just got cold rain. This morning we had 30 minutes of snow that dusted the roof tops. I was too cold to actually venture out for a photo but when I opened the back door, I was faced with this photo op. Hooray for the gazing ball!


Underpass -day7

Doesn't it look like a church? It's under the Fremont bridge by the troll- Dan & I meant to go to the Sunday Farmer's market but as soon as we got there it started raining/snowing and we didn't have an umbrella! We were so unprepared! So we wandered a bit, came up on the troll & I took a couple of unremarkable shots (only had my macro with me), then turned around and was much more inspired by this shot - took a little fiddling to get the exposure right, but that's the point. Liked this result much more than the troll.....


Dan, Actually day1

When I looked at the photo log, I see that I actually took this picture of Dan on 1/1/11 as he celebrated his husky-dom so I'm claiming it for the 365 project.

Rainy Rocks -day6

Now for today's shot. Another drizzley day in the NW so found this collection of rocks (right on the back deck!) + macro lens = interesting rocks. Colorful rocks are always more interesting when wet.

Warmer -day5

Oops - I've already forgotten to post a picture! Took one yesterday and got it on flickr, but apparently not here. Wanted to work on depth of field and had a vision with a zipper. Took MANY shots and couldn't match my head vision to reality. This is the best of the bunch.


Not so Cold -day 4

Santa and North Face cooperated to keep me toasty (NOT cold). Thanks to everyone for the warmth!


Ice Tea - Day3

Yes, Las Vegas ice tea was the next cold thing I thought of. This photo has a little PSE adjustments, couldn't get the color right....


Frosty - Day 2

It's freezing here this morning as I take on a new challenge. One suggestion was to develop a theme for each week to help keep focus on the photos when I don't have any bright ideas. Working with the theme cold for this week, here's my first entry. Frosty in the yard.....