170/365 Our desert back yard

This is the view over our back fence - lots of virgin desert. Surprisingly I've really come to enjoy the stark beauty of the desert.
Luckily we're just a short drive to the mountains and forests of evergreen trees. So maybe I have the best of both worlds.
Just need some shopping..............

170/365 Jazz on the Lake

We took a trip to Vegas on Saturday - we wanted to go to Jazz on the Lake again. Dan invited a friend (I'm talking to him here) who also brought a friend. Now, here's a "small world" moment for you...... during the conversation he was talking of a recent trip to Turkey so Dan mentioned I'd lived there. When I told him I lived in Yalova and my orthodontist was in Istanbul, he was stunned. He was born & raised in Yalova! Who'd a thunk it????

Here's an ambiance shot - sun setting and lighting the mountains, serene lake, we're enjoying a cool breeze off the lake and curling our toes in the grass. Delightful!
I've been remiss in my daily photo efforts lately. I've become caught up in a new project (more about that soon) and so this project has taken a hit..... I'll get back on track, promise.

169/365 Bellagio 4th of July

A stop at my favorite photo op in Vegas - the Bellagio's garden. Their 4th of July / summer display was a little disjointed and not as clearly themed as previous years but the huge ferris wheel was an eye-catching addition.

Although the pics were all taken on the same day, I'm going to count them as separate entries so here are a few of my other shots from the Bellagio.

168/365 Bellagio water war

One of the Bellagio's signature garden features are these water streams that arc in short spurts and are very cool to watch. This time they aimed 4 arcs to collide. I used the opportunity to practice my shutter speed technique.

Which version do you prefer?
The background is the ferris wheel.

167/365 Vegas

Waves of beautiful hydrangeas. I almost always prefer closeups though.

165/365 Rain shower

We had a quick 5 minute thunderstorm and it POURED. I was busy at the computer, heard the noise and quickly grabbed the camera to try to catch the raindrops. See 'em? Had to adjust the shutter speed many times to get them visible but light enough to still see the flowers.
Moderate success.

163/365 Cool project

I made this valance for the window in the office. I ironed it and draped it over the back of the chair until Dan could get the hardware installed .... and...... I love the different look it gives the chairs. It was random chance that it was the perfect width and length to go from the chair seat to the stretcher in the back; and, I just happened to have the matching cording.
Imagine the holiday possibilities!
It's still on the chair - hasn't made it to the window yet :)


162/365 wildlife

This quail family was wandering about the back yard - a mama, papa and about a dozen chicks. It was fun watching them dash from bush to bush while the dad kept his beady little eyes on me. Don't know if you can see, but the chicks all have their fuzzy little baby tufts on the tops of their heads - so cute!

161/365 We're in AZ now

Time for new AZ license plates which means.....time for a new personalized plate. All my previous sunny days versions, shopper versions, etc were taken, so came up with this to speak to my new passion.


157a, b, c/365 Hualapai Hiking

Sunday we spent the afternoon hiking in a nearby park and felt like we were back in the northwest. I had no idea that just 20 minutes away we leave the desert and brown behind and are enveloped in towering green trees, craggy mountains and silence. It was a beautiful, renewing 2.5 mile hike that we both just loved.
Come on over - we'd love to hike it with you.......

156/365 Sunset

Another pic taken on the drive home from Vegas. I noticed the sunset in my rear view mirror so just aimed the camera generally backwards and toward the sunset and got this shot. Of course, I did get quite a few that were of the back of the car or road or sky with no mountains, but it only takes one, right? Dan laughed at me that I was trying to take pics and drive at the same time. Hmmmm (there wasn't another car on the highway!)

155/365 A rose is a rose

Backyard beauty. The owners had planted several pretty rose bushes - and these even smell great too.

154/365 Vegas jaunt

Decided at noon to go to Vegas to do a couple errands - nothing that couldn't have waited, but I was bored and ready for the 'big city'. One of the errands was to have the camera cleaned/repaired. I was tired of seeing the dots and smudges that were in every picture, usually marring a beautiful sky. On the way home I had to try it out, right? So I just held the camera up over my head (the car top was down) and clicked away. This is typical landscape of the trip from Vegas and I'm pleased that it turned out this well considering my lack of preparation, etc. Look, no spots!


153/365 flower & bowl

I put this bouquet of alstromeria on the same table as the purple bowl and every time I walk by it I notice how beautifully the colors go together. And every time I think "go get the camera". Finally did.

152/365 flower 'art'

Pulled one bloom and laid it in the bowl to try some other shots and liked how the detail of the bowl made such a cool background. Then I played a little in PSE (photoshop elements) to make "art".

151/365 tigger

We finally got Tigger to venture outside and she immediately targeted the daisies. I caught her here in between nibbles. (so far no throw-up which is good!)


149/365 another lily view

Another view of these pretty lilies.

148-365 more flowers

Splurged and bought this bouquet of flowers to celebrate being moved in and settled!

147/365 masterful master

A bonus pic - found these perfect drapes at Walmart of all places - pick up both the colors perfectly and even tie in with my multiple chair seat colors. Yay! Really helps to soften a room full of hard surfaces.

Last room done is the master- 3 walls creamy yellow and one darker gold (same as office). It was time for a change here too, so moved most Asian inspired things in here and had to find a fabric that was Asian but with blue to go with the comforter. Found this great fabric with cranes and stylized mums in golds that worked beautifully. The back accent pillows are pillow cases that I trimmed with a blue flange and beaded trim. Dan likes it cuz it's less pillows than before! I like it cuz it makes all the 'old' stuff feel new - for just a couple yards of fabric.

146/365 Guest Room Paint

The guest room is open for business....I covered a darker avacado green with the darker blue/grn accent color from the living room. Since it was time to change from the red Asian look, I found this blu/brn floral and then free-handed a similar look on the wall in lieu of a headboard. It doesn't show, but there are lime touches to tie in those bright pillows.

145/365 new house

The front of our new house. Through the gate you see is a private front courtyard with patio furniture the owners generously left - wicker with cushions sofa, 2 chairs & tables so you can imagine it's a good-sized courtyard. We ate our first meal at the house out there cuz we didn't have any other furniture yet.

144/365 Recycle

There is no street side recycling - there are 4 'stations' around town where you take your recycling. So here's my car with one of the many cardboard and paper loads we recycled. The small dumpsters are in the Safeway parking lot so it's fairly convenient considering they don't come to you.


143/365 never again!

Since we lost about 300 sf, a bedroom and garage storage, we solved it by buying and assembling a shed this weekend. This metal monstrosity was a bitch to assemble, took about 18 hours, many sore muscles, gashes on hands (mine! - oh, and a little one on his..), worked in rain and heat. Then after it was built we had to fill it up! I'm exhausted all over again just thinking about it. It was by far the biggest 'construction' project we've undertaken in years and years and I'll never do it again. It's about 8x10' and mostly full. Think we need to get rid of some stuff???? But what? I need it ALL! Again, this picture doesn't tell the whole story....I worked right along with him holding things in place, screwing things together, interpreting the instructions (the most important part!) - just wanted to make sure I got credit too :)

140-142/365 the end is near

You can see the hallway is 2tone with a painted chair rail.....I ran out of the light creamy yellow so had to be creative...used the accent colors from the office to finish the wall :)

Finished the bookshelves today (doorway is to the office).... realized too late that I posted all these pics in the order taken but you'll be viewing them in reverse, so you'll see the finished rooms before the 'in progress' pics. Ah well, I'm not doing it over at this point!

Yes the upper ledge is painted a shade darker than the walls; it's not just a trick of the light.

139/365 Yay - we can eat

The dining rm is the brightest in the house and look out to the pretty back yard. We love eating breakfast here and soon we'll enjoy dinners too - right now Dan's working so late, we don't eat dinner together. Soon......
Room needs drapes.....someday

138/365 another one bites the dust

The wall color is kind of cinnamon, sort of. Warms up all the blue/green in the living rm. Though it was the first room unpacked, I sure don't like painting kitchens and baths - too much detail work. And yes, Dan helped again with that high ceiling work. Thanks, honey.

137/365 finally done!

A room is finally done! The office (and exercise room if we ever get motivated) is first since we painted it first and the computers were up (though mine wasn't working right away). Finally got a few pics taken in China hung on the accent wall.

136/365 time to rest

This peaceful corner of the yard drew me in to enjoy a much needed break. Though the bush just out of camera was buzzing and FULL of bees, so I didn't really stick around too long.

135/365 more painting (by me!)

Should have found the tripod so you can see it's actually me painting all these rooms. Here's the master going from a deep orange/gold to a creamy yellow (same as the office). In and around the painting I'm also trying to get boxes unpacked as soon as the room is painted . I'm getting tired now.....

134/365 our new back yard

Out of all the houses I looked at, this was by far the prettiest landscaping job. Flowers (even roses!), bird bath, mountain views.....quite inviting.

133/365 dan helps again

For a man who hates to paint, I sure called upon him to help here..... that ledge was too narrow for me to feel comfortable, so I made him climb up there. In spite of what the pictures show, I really did 95% of the painting and you can see all the brown is gone!

132/365 more painting

Living room with original colors and a little swatch of a trial color. The gold is the hallway to the bedrooms. That teal is a pretty accurate representation of the color but the brown sure seemed darker.

131/365 all these colors....

They said we could paint whatever colors we want so do I want to be brave and a little more colorful? Or conservative and light since there aren't many windows? All one color so it's a little cheaper? Prime first or just start painting?????

130/365 And so it begins.....

We wanted to paint the office before the movers arrived so that they could put our heavy desks and files in place, etc. So, I even put Dan to work (and he HATES to paint). We covered the dark rusty color with a creamy yellow...... One room done.

129/365 Old and rusty

I find I'm drawn to old, rusty things to take pictures of....there's interest in the texture and in trying to capture an interesting angle. This old tractor was 'parked' on the main street - right next to a cluster of Harleys.

127/365 Burros

One of Oatman's claims to fame is the 'wild' burros that have free rein to wander the streets of the town. They're quite the beggars.

126/365 Waiting.......

The movers came Thurs & Fri then Saturday we went to Oatman to explore while waiting to move in to the Kingman house. Pretty drive to an old west tourist 'ghost town'.

125/365 Susie's Birthday

Although I know she won't see it cuz she doesn't have a computer, Happy Birthday to Susie ---- this makes about 86 doesn't it?

124/365 Lantana

Close-up of that familiar - lantana, a prolific bloomer and pretty all summer.