80/365 Book still life

A still life created with books focused on specific colors, some Zen rocks and stuff. It's on top of my wine rack.

I just counted and figured I should be at picture 88 for one-a-day. I've missed 8 days so far....not bad.

79/365 theme #252: reading material

The "back up" picture of my 'library'. Lots of my favorite books and authors - some I actually reread but most are available to lend and just because I like looking at them....remembering my favorites as I browse the shelves.

Here's my 'reading materials' currently on my desk. Magazines, a digital scrapbooking book from the library, a journal, a couple of PSE how-to books and my calorie/fat counter book that I refer to daily (trying to keep that daily calorie intake down!) as well as a list of books I want to get from the library on the bulletin board.

78/365 - bookmark

About half way through the Gandhi book - using the bookmark Donna gave me for my birthday. Using natural light from the window....


77/365 theme #92: famous authors

This theme of 'famous authors' fit my self-imposed theme of books/reading for this week, so I raided my shelves to come up with this random collection of authors I think fit that appellation.
In case you can't read all the names: Rowling, Rice, McEwan, Hosseini, Stegner, Kingsolver, Moore, Buck, Rand, King, Brown, Koontz, Picoult and Follett.

76/365 Feng Shui Books

Created a still life using some of my feng shui books. I like making still life arrangements, but the house gets all jumbled as I pull things from all over. Then it takes forever to put everything away (but it did make me dust a few things!). The price we pay for art :)
I realized one slight disadvantage of the blog over my Shutterfly page is that the pictures and comments actually show up in 'reverse' order so that as I start the week's theme, the notes or explanation are at the end of the week's postings. I'm assuming you're all bright enough and interested enough to scroll through all the entries to figure all that out. However, it defintely is much easier for me to post here, so I think I'll keep this venue - until something more appealing comes along!

75/365 more Gandhi book

Playing around with using a magnifying glass (in the Gandhi book). Tried a lot of versions but liked it best when I converted to black & white.

Had a little mishap this afternoon - broke off about 1/2 of one of my crowns. A trip to the dentist and $1200 later, it's all good.


74/365 Reading Gandhi

My book for the family "book club" arrived today. At first glance it seems readable so I'm looking forward to getting started. I also ordered this shorter book to give me some historical reference about him.
The arrival of the book has inspired the theme for this week - all of my pictures will focus on books and reading....


Week 12 Photos #1

To do a quick catch up, posting all this week's pictures in one posting....

#1 - playing with depth of field again and experimenting with our sago palm fronds

#2 - I love the back lighting on this pod on our oleander tree. Had to wait and wait for the wind to be still and it's another DOF practice.

#3 - Yes, it's true this is a Christmas candy dish. It's the last of our holiday candy to go.... kiss anyone???

Week 12 photos

#4 - a new resort opened in Henderson - M Resort and this is the lobby - 2 big floor-to-ceiling metal grids filled with calla lilies (fake but I had to get close to tell).

#5 - a pensive self portrait...maybe contemplating job / no job?

#6 - spring in Vegas; our viburnum is blooming


As one of his "resolutions" Ron decided to expand his mind and reading material, breaking away from the popular fiction genre occasionally. Ron read several before I asked him to share his reading & I'd join him. Our first joint effort was The Devil's Highway about Mexican illegals. Now Stephanie, Donna and Kathy are reading with us. Stephanie picked the next book: Gandhi An Autobiography: My Experiments with Truth. Feel free to join us ... read the book by April 5 and share comments, insights.....

Week 11 Themed Photos

This week I took the "lazy" way out and have used pictures I've taken since January 1 that fit the 365 theme photo group. I often take more than 1 a day and have a hard time deciding which to use, so this allows me to fit in some of those earlier shots. I think I've mentioned the 365pic theme before (check out a couple of the links in my faves to see examples of others and for a full list of the themes). It's a different source of inspiration when I run out of ideas of what to take pictures of. This picture of Tigger I actually took today - I was outside taking pics and she followed me out front but never strays more than 3 feet from the front door. Here some noise had just focused her attention away from trying to get back in the house. Love those whiskers! This fulfills theme #97: feline friends.

Theme #72: curvy

Curvy: the face of the Wynn taken through the roof opening of the corvette as we crept down the strip (lots of traffic).

Theme 200: nostalgia

Nostalgia: This old truck was another find at the Nelson ghost town outing.

Theme 37: building

Building: This cool government building is across from the Gehry brain institute and the Market Center....a cluster of interesting architecture.

Theme #78: distorted

Distorted: The Bellagio reflected in a hotel window.

Theme #172: lines & #59: colored glass

The first one is theme #172: lines (a crane); the Chihuly glass flowers at the Bellagio are theme#59: colored glass.


Flickr beauty

caleidoscope0, originally uploaded by ¶Ĥ¯ѓĎєČ.

This person's page is full of this abstract manipulated photography which he calls fractals. So cool and all very different.


A Favorite Flickr


This link is to one of the photographers whose work I admire - creative, beautiful and fun to look at. She has great ideas for self portraits (a year's worth!).

A New Adventure

Here we go, I'm going to see if I can figure out and effectively use a blog. Maybe this will turn out to be the best way to stay in touch. First baby steps are to get it all set up and try posting pictures, emails, links, etc. then see if anyone can actually find it. Here goes on my newest adventure......