Photo Update

Boy, it's a lot easier doing a photo a day when you're not working! Probably 7 months of random, often uninspired photos is enough anyway :-) But what I gained from the exercise is a commitment to take the camera out more, look for photo ops in unusualy situations, and to take the setting off 'auto' more often. Here's the most recent efforts - we went to the county fair a couple weeks ago and I made a couple of floral arrangements for my decorating blog (see more there with complete step by step instructions). http://www.yourdeocratinghotline.com/ as a reminder.
Looks like one kid was lovin' it, one not so much.

Ferris wheel, artistically.

The ubiquitous balloon man was a hit.

Some funky prize winning Japanese chicken.

Flowers - glad to see the skills came back to me after I got started.


It's September Already!

A couple of early morning cactus flower shots - they only open in the mornings when it's cool and we only saw them as buds for a couple days and open a couple of mornings, then they're done. Guess flowering takes lots of water.....

The flowers really drew the bees and I got lucky to catch this one.


It's been a month

This is an updated photo of the big new bridge over Hoover Dam - the arch is now connected in the center - supposed to be done sometime next year. That'll make the drive quicker!

I can't believe my daily photos have dwindled back to my normal occasional shots - I kept it up over 6 months, but photography has fallen by the wayside with working full time and then putting in another 25-30 hours a week on my design blog. I figure you don't need any more pictures of me sitting in front of a computer or of Dan working in his office..... So, updates here will be less frequent, but still keep you in the loop of our lives. We went to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago (we go about once a month). We went out to Lake Las Vegas for our jazz on the lake fix and here are some pics from that jaunt.

Palm Springs visit

Here we are in Palm Springs visiting friends Ernie & Gail - thanks for your hospitality guys!

While in Palm Springs, took a walk and passed this nice home. I also used this picture in my design blog because the front door design echoes the gate - which I love, the gate I mean.

On the way home I had Dan turn around so I could take a picture of this urban art - hundreds of random shoes hung / tied to this fence.

More shoes - and more shoes.


190/365 Sunrise

Dan and I have turned into quite the early risers - usually awake by 5am if not before. I actually got out of bed one morning and took this sunrise shot from our patio. Love that even the sunbeams showed up.

189 a&b / 365 Sunflowers

Every day I drive by this row of sunflowers on my way to and from work. Today I decided to go at lunch and take some pictures. I have a real range of pictures; these are some of my faves.

In addition to slowing down the volume of photos I'm taking, I've been having major technical issues - my photoshop program wasn't working and I couldn't get the pics out of the camera, blah, blah, blah! It's working temporarily (who knows why), so I'm rushing to get as much done as I can. Enjoy this blast of summer.

188 a&b / 365

A couple more great sunflower blooms.

187/365 Office

Here's the exterior of my new office. Imagine me at the desk just inside the front door.

183/365 Outcropping

This rock outcropping is behind the office - a storm was moving in and the composition caught my eye. Plus, I hadn't taken a picture in awhile....

181/365 Bench

This bench picture turned out cool. Couldn't sit on it cuz it's 100 degrees and the slats are dark metal. But it sure made an interesting, abstract picture.

180/365 Off to Work

Headed out the door for the first day on a new job.


178/365 Lake Havasu

We drove to Lake Havasu today and here's a couple great shots of the lake....

Ooops, no picture after all. Terrie forgot to put the memory card back in the camera after reviewing the fireworks pictures! Oh Man! It was my first visit and was looking forward to taking a picture or two to fill in my week. Guess I'll have to show you the next time we go down. It's only an hour away but 10 degrees hotter (more like Vegas) but the whole town is built along the lakefront so it seems like it should be cooler. I can't remember when I've ever seen so many boats being pulled, being launched and out on a lake. And there were some major speed boats!

I'm falling off the picture pace so really need to refocus my energies........ here goes.

177/365 July 4th

These are a few of the fireworks pics I took this year. Tried a new technique I'd read about where the shutter speed is set quite slow (5-6 seconds) and the focus is changed during the shot. I didn't get the results the article explained, but I did get some cool shots. These are some of our faves.
Remember, you can double click to see them bigger. - We thought this first one looked like electricity in those sci-fi movie energy balls.....
The definition of what constitutes 'lots of people' is certainly different in a small town. We got there maybe 15 minutes before the fireworks, parked within a few blocks, when it was over, walked back to the car and pulled right out into traffic, no waiting...... the whole event took only a little more than an hour!

176/365 Rainbows

We had a big thunderstorm blow through and Dan looked out the window after and saw this! We could see the double rainbow from horizon to horizon - it was SO beautiful.
Does that mean double good luck?


170/365 Our desert back yard

This is the view over our back fence - lots of virgin desert. Surprisingly I've really come to enjoy the stark beauty of the desert.
Luckily we're just a short drive to the mountains and forests of evergreen trees. So maybe I have the best of both worlds.
Just need some shopping..............

170/365 Jazz on the Lake

We took a trip to Vegas on Saturday - we wanted to go to Jazz on the Lake again. Dan invited a friend (I'm talking to him here) who also brought a friend. Now, here's a "small world" moment for you...... during the conversation he was talking of a recent trip to Turkey so Dan mentioned I'd lived there. When I told him I lived in Yalova and my orthodontist was in Istanbul, he was stunned. He was born & raised in Yalova! Who'd a thunk it????

Here's an ambiance shot - sun setting and lighting the mountains, serene lake, we're enjoying a cool breeze off the lake and curling our toes in the grass. Delightful!
I've been remiss in my daily photo efforts lately. I've become caught up in a new project (more about that soon) and so this project has taken a hit..... I'll get back on track, promise.

169/365 Bellagio 4th of July

A stop at my favorite photo op in Vegas - the Bellagio's garden. Their 4th of July / summer display was a little disjointed and not as clearly themed as previous years but the huge ferris wheel was an eye-catching addition.

Although the pics were all taken on the same day, I'm going to count them as separate entries so here are a few of my other shots from the Bellagio.

168/365 Bellagio water war

One of the Bellagio's signature garden features are these water streams that arc in short spurts and are very cool to watch. This time they aimed 4 arcs to collide. I used the opportunity to practice my shutter speed technique.

Which version do you prefer?
The background is the ferris wheel.

167/365 Vegas

Waves of beautiful hydrangeas. I almost always prefer closeups though.

165/365 Rain shower

We had a quick 5 minute thunderstorm and it POURED. I was busy at the computer, heard the noise and quickly grabbed the camera to try to catch the raindrops. See 'em? Had to adjust the shutter speed many times to get them visible but light enough to still see the flowers.
Moderate success.

163/365 Cool project

I made this valance for the window in the office. I ironed it and draped it over the back of the chair until Dan could get the hardware installed .... and...... I love the different look it gives the chairs. It was random chance that it was the perfect width and length to go from the chair seat to the stretcher in the back; and, I just happened to have the matching cording.
Imagine the holiday possibilities!
It's still on the chair - hasn't made it to the window yet :)


162/365 wildlife

This quail family was wandering about the back yard - a mama, papa and about a dozen chicks. It was fun watching them dash from bush to bush while the dad kept his beady little eyes on me. Don't know if you can see, but the chicks all have their fuzzy little baby tufts on the tops of their heads - so cute!

161/365 We're in AZ now

Time for new AZ license plates which means.....time for a new personalized plate. All my previous sunny days versions, shopper versions, etc were taken, so came up with this to speak to my new passion.


157a, b, c/365 Hualapai Hiking

Sunday we spent the afternoon hiking in a nearby park and felt like we were back in the northwest. I had no idea that just 20 minutes away we leave the desert and brown behind and are enveloped in towering green trees, craggy mountains and silence. It was a beautiful, renewing 2.5 mile hike that we both just loved.
Come on over - we'd love to hike it with you.......

156/365 Sunset

Another pic taken on the drive home from Vegas. I noticed the sunset in my rear view mirror so just aimed the camera generally backwards and toward the sunset and got this shot. Of course, I did get quite a few that were of the back of the car or road or sky with no mountains, but it only takes one, right? Dan laughed at me that I was trying to take pics and drive at the same time. Hmmmm (there wasn't another car on the highway!)

155/365 A rose is a rose

Backyard beauty. The owners had planted several pretty rose bushes - and these even smell great too.

154/365 Vegas jaunt

Decided at noon to go to Vegas to do a couple errands - nothing that couldn't have waited, but I was bored and ready for the 'big city'. One of the errands was to have the camera cleaned/repaired. I was tired of seeing the dots and smudges that were in every picture, usually marring a beautiful sky. On the way home I had to try it out, right? So I just held the camera up over my head (the car top was down) and clicked away. This is typical landscape of the trip from Vegas and I'm pleased that it turned out this well considering my lack of preparation, etc. Look, no spots!


153/365 flower & bowl

I put this bouquet of alstromeria on the same table as the purple bowl and every time I walk by it I notice how beautifully the colors go together. And every time I think "go get the camera". Finally did.