London - day 4

Saturday, Oct 3

Today is all about the Westminster area -

Parliament buildings - now here's some serious architecture!

We couldn't take photos in Westminster Abbey, but we were kind of underwhelmed by the cathedral for some reason.  Yes, it's big; yes, it's historic; but, somehow it was underwhelming overall.  We could take pics in the cloisters area (the part of the abbey where the clergy/monks live, work, study, etc.)

After spending all morning and early afternoon in Westminster, we had some time to kill before our evening comedy club reservations, so we crossed the Thames and explored the Lambeth area.  I'd earmarked the Lambeth garden as a place to see if there was time.

Great doors, right?

Next on the "agenda" - Whitehall area and the Victoria Embankment garden (can you tell we enjoy fnding gardens?)

We had dinner and drinks at Tattershall Castle (actually a boat permanently moored on the Thames) and stayed for the comedy show which I had pre-booked.  Dinner was mediocre but the comedy was hilarious. It was a good night!  A few nighttime photos, a tube ride home, and day 4 is done........

the Eye is GIANT! and expensive - we didn't ride.

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