Sound -day118

DailyShoot theme: SOUND

Don't we all love this sound? As soon as I thought of it, I just knew I had to have it for lunch....


Black and white -day117

Daily Shoot theme: BLACK & WHITE

My ranunculus are still going strong - I sure love the layers of petals. They're pretty even in black and white.


Fire Hydrant -day116

You should have seen me, crawling around, kneeling in the wet grass, stooping, up close, far away, tilting and angling every which way trying to find an interesting perspective for this fire hydrant. The shots I thought would be cool weren't, the DOF experiments were boring......taking an interesting photo of an every day item is.......challenging!


Choice -day115

DailyShoot theme: Choice

I got all hot and bothered to redo the mantel - I've been mulling it for a couple weeks. Cindy C was my inspiration with the art wall collage in her home. I figured I must have enough stuff to give me choices if I browsed around, and sure enough I did. Plus there's room to add more!

I used photographs I've taken, a collage I made, letters I decorated, a watercolor I did and travel souvenirs.

Circle -day114

DailyShoot theme: CIRCLES
I want to join the monogram trend so bought this balsa wood P at Michaels, painted & now stenciling it .... with circles - sort of. I made the stencil myself out of sheet protector plastic so it's very flimsy and hard to use. But, it gives a loose edge, soft stencil look which is okay. Lots of work to cut it and definitely lots of jagged edges so not as good as a regular stencil.


Treasure -day113

DailyShoot theme: Treasure
As you all know, my treasure is reading and my book collection. I treasure the time I get to spend reading and the joy I have in sharing a good book. I particularly treasure my bookcases because in addition to books they hold collections and family photos - more treasures! Here's to reading!


Still Life -day112

Robb & Cindy just got back from China for a 2 week vacation. They brought me this little glass dish so I felt inspired to use it in my POTD. It's call a "ding", though I'm sure that's not how it's spelled. At any rate, it's now in the powder room filled with small shells. Thanks you guys!


Reflections -day111

Wanted to try a still life before my flowers totally faded so dug up an old mirror tile and used a little teapot of my mom's.

The subject seemed to lend itself to more experimentation with textures - this has 2 different textures applied and blended.


Quadrants -day110

Went on a walk today to enjoy the sunshine and walked by these greenhouses that I usually drive by. Loved the color and geometrics of these pansies.

DailyShoot theme: mended

On the same walk I found this wired and mended fence post that fit the theme, but I like the flowers better for my POTD. And, since this is my blog, I can post as many shots here as I like.....so there you go!



Vignette -day108

Took a few macro shots of my grocery store bouquet and then for my POTD, placed it in this vignette.


Show motion -day107

DailyShoot theme: show motion

I went back to check out the funky plants I found last week and found that they'd turned on the waterfalls which was much more interesting than the plant which turned out to be very unremarkable after its promising early state. Love using the shutter speed to change the way the water looks.

Botanical Garden Extras

Went back to the garden today and took several shots. Somebody has been weeding up a storm and it's changed alot since last week when I was there. Lots of plants still coming up and now you can see them with the weeds pulled away. Here are a couple shots that didn't make the POTD. (photo of the day)


Starting with "E" -day106

DailyShoot theme: Starts with an "E"

I really struggled coming up with something starting with 'e'. Thought of energy, erstwhile (I know!), effervescent, evolution - nothing easy. Then came around to eggs, Easter, end, empty.....ahhhh, more doable. Dan's been sick but we got outside briefly today to run an errand and drove by an "EATERY". After all that, my white balance was set wrong so it came out really blue. After the upload and a little PSE filter trickery, I submit this revised version. :)


Me in Photo -day105

DailyShoot them: a photo with me in it

I tried my hand at cutting my own stencil today. Wanted a design to use with my collaging but it was harder than I expected so don't know how much of it I will be doing. It takes a lot more planning than I expected and cutting a smooth edge is almost impossible. Since I don't plan to use them on a wall, it should be good enough....

Mossy branch -day104

Went back over to our local botanical garden and left with a whole bunch of cool shots. This mossy one is my fave of the day.


Repeating Pattern -day103

DailyShoot theme: repeating patterns

I should have gone outside this morning before it started raining, but I didn't... So, I've been spending lots of time creating lately - painting, collaging, card-making, etc. and this cutting board has been getting lots of use.


Surprised! -day102

I was busy all day and uninspired and it was rainy so I used my fall-back subject: Tigger! She's easy to shoot, always available, adorable to look at..... She seems to have a quizzical, surprised look on her face...


Texture -day101

DailyShoot theme: show texture

This is the bottom of my "dusting" slippers - a Christmas gift from Cindy. Practical and comfy!


Wood -day100

DailyShoot theme: something made of wood

Yay! Made it to day 100!! Went for a neighborhood walk today since it's sunny - cold, but sunny - and found this fence surrounded by forsythia in bloom. Don't you just love spring?


Mariners baseball -day99

Opening weekend at home for this season against Cleveland. Eric went with us to watch the game - lost again (all 3 games to Cleveland!) to start the season at 2-7. Nowhere to go but up, right?


Tulips -day98

The end of the couple bunches of tulips I bought. I love the look of them against black (an old tablecloth from somewhere.....)

Grid -day97

DailyShoot theme: grid

Dan took Friday off and we did some yard work and then I took him to the botanical garden I discovered. We wandered among the early spring bloomers, explored the small Japanese garden and I came home with my grid shot.


Low Contrast -day96

DailyShoot theme: low contrast

Though colorful, there's actually very little contrast. I think. Bought these yesterday and had them on the dining table. But when I passed by this picture, I realized how great they looked by it. I'm nothing if not flexible! :)

Also, in the 2nd picture I played around with some textures since I thought the subject lent itself to that - the canvas background makes it "arty", right?


Shiny -day95

DailyShoot theme: shiny

We have a moment of sunshine this morning, so out I go with my "something shiny". Tried to catch a sun glint on the diamond but if I got the glint, the shot was out of focus. So I took this one. The camera has to go back in for cleaning - they didn't do a good job. Hope I get it back tomorrow.


Edge -day94

DailyShoot theme: edge

The edge of one of our decorative bowls. Liked the wavy edge.


Point of View -day93

Daily Shoot theme: show an unusual point of view

Today was interesting - I crawled on the floor, stood on a chair, poked in the fridge and cabinets, balanced the camera here & there. Since it's laundry day, I tried the washer, the dryer, piles of clothes......ended up with this one of the inside of the washer. I liked the pattern, DOF, and that you don't immediately know what it is. An interesting challenge.


Hyacinth -day92

We spent all afternoon working in the yard - weeding, mowing, trimming, planting. These miniature hyacinth are popping up throughout the planting bed and are so cute. I played with some textures for something different......


New Mower -day91

A slice of life pic - our house has a giant yard - much bigger than we want or need. Since we haven't had a mower for years (didn't need one in the desert!), it was time to go buy one before the weeds reach knee high! Tomorrow is work in the yard day - assuming it isn't raining.


Attraction -day90

DailyShoot theme: Attraction

This was an easy theme! Still attracted after all these years!