Sound -day58

DailyShoot theme: sound

I actually rarely listen to music during the day - I work in quiet. However, the sound I'm hearing loud and clear right now is the plugged, fuzzy blood-rushing sound in my sick little head. I couldn't figure out a clever way to photograph that.


Glow - day57

DailyShoot theme: something glowing
I'm tired of being sick! Tired of uninspired!


Sick -day56

As you know, I've been sick all week. Dan's been taking good care of me though - drugs, flowers and a silly card.....what else could a girl want?


Horizontal Lines -day55

DailyShoot theme: strong horizontal lines

Looked the whole house over and couldn't find anything of interest. Opened a drawer at lunch time and found these straws from Crate & Barrel that we use all the time. Perfect. I kinda like the composition - using the diagonal to highlight the horizontal.


Snow....again -day54

The goal of the 365 project is three-fold: to improve my skills and get the whole aperture/shutter speed/lighting thing figured out once and for all, to be creative and improve my photographic 'eye' and finally to chronicle the year 2011...sometimes with the big things but often times with the small details of life.

We had a big snowstorm blow through last night and I'm still sick, so my creativity took a back seat to chronicling. The sundial may not see the sun for awhile.


Beauty -day53

DS theme: natural beauty
I'm still sick so again took the easy photo today: pulled one of my new hellebores inside to try a backlit shot. I'm going to plant these as soon as it warms up just a little.


Waiting for spring -day52

DailyShoot theme: waiting

Since I'm still sick, I focused on something that I could photograph that was nearby. So to the back porch I went and took this shot of my newly purchased hellebore - waiting for it to warm up and those blooms to open up!


Self portrait -day51

DailyShoot theme: self portrait

Here's my lame version today. I'm under the weather, sick as a dog, whatever other cliches you can think of, so this is as good as it gets. It's me looking in from the outside......


Rusty -day50

Dan and I went on our first Meetup photo group stroll. Met about 40 flickrites (group name) at the Mukilteo lighthouse and spent about 1.5 hours taking photos. It was cold but clear and bright. I was sick but willing to brave the cold for the perfect photo. I started a new folder on my flickr page for stroll pics and you can see 7 of them from the day. This is the one I chose for 365.

The lighthouse park area is very well maintained and looks like it was just all painted, but I was able to find a couple rusty things. You know I love photographing rusty, crackled, old, beat up things......


Where I live - day49

DailyShoot theme: show where you live or your culture. It was SO sunny and beautiful though windy and freezing ass cold. Dan went hiking with Robb so I braved the cold, bundled in my new winter wear, and went to Lincoln Park. It was absolutely gorgeous. You'll be seeing lots more of the park here I think.

Yellow -day48

DailyShoot theme is: yellow. I took many reject yellow pics: bananas (boring), glass pear (boring), yellow house (boring).....was about to give up when I saw my palette open and this one I kinda liked. Or was tired of looking for yellow.


Feeling Conflicted -day47

DailyShoot theme is "concretely or abstractly depict how you're feeling". I'm feeling.....conflicted. I have too many creative outlets pulling at me that I can't settle on just one. I'm not particularly good at any of them, so they all need equal work - do I work on my blog? Start a watercolor? Experiment with my newest interest, collage? Take more photos?

Not pictured but also in the back of my mind....knitting (I have an afghan started), cross stitch (I have 3 projects started), jewelry making (lots of beads waiting to be a necklace). What's a girl to do with only 24 hours in a day????


Sun Flare -day46

Was on the search for a high key shot today for DS but was uninspired. Sitting at a stop light I noticed the sun in my eyes and caught this just as the light changed.


Old With Character -day45

The DailyShoot topic was "something old, showing character", so if I eliminated me, this was a good second choice. Dan's had this leather hat over 35 years.


Dan's Birthday -day43

Relaxing & reading the paper and apparently REALLY concentrating!

Windy - day 42

Daily shoot theme: tell story of subject by focusing on a detail. My story: windy day.....
subject: grass by the library. Forgot to post this yesterday since we celebrated birthdays with Robb & Cindy - good thing I took the picture in the morning!


Rose closeup -day41

"You'd think people would have had enough of silly rose pics
But I look around me and I see it isn't so.
Some people wanna fill the world with silly rose pics
And what's wrong with that, I'd like to know, Cause here I go....
- lyrics Paul McCartney (with a little tweak from me)
Found a Daily Shoot theme suggestion site & today's topic was "make part of the photo out of focus". So I did. I continue to learn and figure out about DOF.


Shell macro -day40

Back to the macro lens and looking for an interesting viewpoint of mom's conch shell....


Early Valentines -day39

I bought roses today to illustrate my blog post about how to make an arrangement with grocery store roses for Valentines Day.


Ready for spring -day33

Bought a bouquet of tulips yesterday and I LOVE taking macro shots so you'll probably see a few versions over the next few days.


Shadow Bike -day 32

Went to the library...took an exploratory ramble since it's sunny again...found more cool shadows.


January mosaic

January mosaic, originally uploaded by tpurk.

Using a flickr app, this is a mosaic of all my January shots.

Shadow Play -day31

A rare sunny day brought all the shadows out to play. My walk was brisk and enjoyable.