Paris -day 4

Thursday, Oct 8

Everyone's moving slowly today - sick people, tired people. Dan and I took off on our own to see just a couple of things, intending a short day.  Then we got caught up in taking pics and more pics so a couple hours turned into 6 hours!

Grand Palais 

Grand Palais and the Pont Alexandre bridge (it leads to Invalides)
even the bridges are amazingly decorated

Invalides dome (Napoleon's tomb)
inside the dome
I love the dramatic ceilings in all these buildings - I got a kink in my neck from looking up so much
Napoleon's tomb was a surprise - so "plain"after all the ostentatious golds everywhere else; BUT, the tomb itself is giant for a man of such small stature; you can get a sense of scale by comparing the tomb to those people on the side.
Invalides garden is gorgeous

After spending a couple hours at Ivalides, we walked on to explore the Rodin museum and see his most renowned sculpture - The Thinker. It's an interesting museum as much of it is in an outside garden - but, noisy construction was everywhere, so we didn't linger.

Then - home to rest our weary feet..............

End of day 4

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