Orange -day89

DailyShoot theme: Orange

We don't have much in the way of orange around the house - this roll of extension cord will have to do since I don't have time to hunt or set up a shot today. Tom & Cindy left and I have work stuff to catch up on......


Metal -day88

DailyShoot theme: metal or metallic surface

Tom and Cindy are still here visiting - since they were here for a few days, they came bringing their own latte machine and it fit today's theme perfectly!


DailyShoot theme: pic of being inside

This is what I love to do when I'm inside.......and today was a perfect day for it - drizzly and cold and windy and gray, but I'm snuggled up reading.


Black and White -day86

DailyShoot theme: black and white

Cindy and I took an afternoon break and I took her to one of my new favorite gardens. I knew the theme was black/white so we hunted together and loved the texture of this piece of driftwood. The garden is really starting to bud out and you'll be seeing some lovely floral shots pretty soon.

BBQ -day85

They brought salmon that Brett (their son) caught so Dan played chef and once again served up perfectly BBQ'd salmon. Yum! Thanks Tom and Cindy!

Creativity -day84

Cindy and Tom are here for the weekend and we pulled out all our stamps, punches, paper, etc and spent the day making cards. We were really in a zone!


Spring branch -day83

Sunny and gorgeous outside today. Using my DOF (depth of field) to capture this spring branch in the yard. I'm sure you'll be seeing it again when the buds open!

Camellia -day82

Had to take the camera in to get cleaned - there's a hair or something on the lens - but luckily I got it back the next day. In the store parking lot is this beautiful tree.


Layers of Leaves -day81

DailyShoot theme: layers

The layered leaves of the cyclamen plants on the deck fit the bill perfectly. They are hard blooms to photo, so that's for another day.


Rusty, again -day80

DailyShoot theme: use rule of thirds

Had my camera w/ me on errands and went by a sports field. Stopped and found this cool rusty chain. The best shot had the lock smack dab in the center, so this is second best and illustrates the rule of thirds. The focal point is in the lower and right hand third.


Ranunculus -day79

Raining today so once I again I stepped out onto the back deck and snapped this ranunculus that I haven't got around to planting yet. It won't quit raining long enough! Anyway, I've been admiring it for several days and as I took this I kept thinking that it looks like it's made of frosting!


Circle -day78

DailyShoot theme: circles

Dan and I took several hours today and wandered about taking pics. We were lost, caught in traffic jams, detoured around lots of road construction and more, but we didn't give up! He'd found a couple places on his bike ride he wanted me to see, but you get to them differently on a bike trail than on a road! These gears were in this tiny little park by Green River as sculpture.

We went to the Ballard farmer's market then to the U District to photograph the cherry blossoms - only they're not blooming yet! Everywhere else in the city, but not there! Leaving there, the freeway was all backed up so we avoided it and went another way ending up at Gasworks then across the Montlake cut and picked up the freeway over there. What an unexpected day. A little cold and breezy but no rain!!!

Disc Golf Park -day77

DailyShoot theme: revisit somewhere you haven't been in awhile

Since I'm still in exploring mode, I visited this disc golf course near the house. I've driven by but never stopped so today I wandered for a half hour exploring the hills, ponds and streams. It was packed (!!) with golfers - people waiting at every tee! Seems to be a popular course.


Hot -day76

DailyShoot theme: show warmth

Weed - PULLING -day75

DailyShoot theme: show my hands doing something

Yesterday I showed a single weed from the yard (they're taking over!!!) so today thought I'd show it being pulled! Would rather have Dan's hand in this photo :)


Weed -day74

This seems to be turning into green week (in honor of St Pat's day?) so after today's rain storm I ventured out to the soggy yard intending to capture moss. But there were more weeds than moss (which is saying something!!) so weeds won. Not sure we're going to be able to eliminate them all, but I'm sure Dan will give it his best.....


Green -day73

DailyShoot theme: green

Thought of doing beads in a green necklace I made but then I saw this craft wire and thought it more interesting. It's laying on a canvas I've started painting.


Tigger -day72

Tigger had just finished drinking water so I was able to get her wild whiskers and the water still on her chin. She's SO messy!


Big & Little -day71

DailyShoot theme: create a photo using complementary items, one big & one small

I wandered around the house considering......vases, books, rocks, pencils, etc. Then my eyes lit on pigs. That's just the thing! For your enjoyment, 2 flying pigs!

Grande Burrito -day70

After our Yuen Lui studio photos, we took the boys to lunch at one of Adam's fave places, Gorditos in Greenwood. Eric ordered the grande burrito - here it is side by side with their 'standard' that I ordered. His fork helps give perspective as well. He ate that whole thing in the time I ate half of mine (and took the other half home!). Ah, youth.


Form -day68

DailyShoot theme: use light to show the form of a simple shape

Took about 40 pics to get one that was in focus and lit well. Certainly more challenging than I thought. Tried a crystal on white but it was REALLY hard, so this black on black worked better.


Liquid Sunshine -day67

DailyShoot theme: water

Though several 'clever' ideas came to mind, I went with this easiest idea since it's evocative of the day. Rain and more rain. The shot is through my windshield, looking at the mall. (yep, shopping again.....)


Outside -day66

DailyShoot theme: feeling like the outside (not sure what that even means...)

Went to Southcenter mall, turned and noticed the cloud break over the hill. Trees are still winter bare, but I detect a hint of green there...... Or is it wishful thinking? Weather pleasant today at 55 degrees and broken clouds. Yay!


Red -day65

DailyShoot: red

Having a color for a theme is pretty easy - usually lots of choices. My first thought was my car, but it's filthy from winter weather; next I thought of slippers/shoes but didn't like my composition; considered apples, stop sign, stop lights, etc. Then I remembered the sculpture by the library and since I had to go pick up a book anyway, it was 2 birds with one stone (photo!). The sculpture is probably 20-25' tall and I've been considering it for a shot for awhile......


Smile -day64

DailyShoot theme: smile

I forgot until late today to take a picture and Dan wasn't interested in posing (though I love his smile), so I was sitting at my desk and realized there's a pretty clear reflection. A few shots later and here I am, smiling like a fool at my window! :)

Day62 & 63

Day 63: Oops, forgot to post for a couple days. This was a great Saturday - Dan found this park on his bike ride and called to tell me to take my 365 there. So I drove over and found mounds of blooming heather (and hellebores, but I have those in my yard). Practiced my DOF, as you can see. Also, on the way to the park I discovered a nearby botanical garden and small Japanese garden that I'll revisit as soon as things start blooming. I'm so excited to go back and wander those gardens over and over.

Day 62: when all else fails, I look to my yard for something of nature and these hellebores are just lovely. I had some perfect DOF examples with the background either being blurred out or in perfect focus behind the blooms. By jove, I think I've got it!


Space Needle -day61

Eric was off today so I went and had lunch with him - as we walked to lunch this peekaboo view of the needle was visible during the very brief rain break. Got to hear all about his trip to Phoenix, his job updates, etc. Love hanging out with my kids! Thanks, Eric.


Celebrate Art -day60

DailyShoot theme: celebrate another type of art

I started a new watercolor painting today.


Repeating Pattern -day59

DailyShoot theme: repeating patterns

Surprisingly I found a number of repeating patterns without having to leave the house. It's wet and cold and, though I'm finally feeling a little better, I'm not up to braving the weather.