London - day 2

Our first full day in London and we spent it in ........... Cambridge. We'd planned to go to the Changing of the Guards, but they only switch every other day, tomorrow.  So, Cambridge it is.

It's about a 30 minute tube ride to Cambridge.

Bicycles are the main mode of transportation - they are everywhere and ridden by everyone - students, teachers, men in suits and women in skirts. Handbills are also everywhere - fences are covered with them.

Punting on the Cam (which we didn't do - Dan said 'no thanks'. You can see we had a beautiful day - the weather was so pleasant our whole time in London.

I had two main things I wanted to see in Cambridge - the Wren library and King's College Chapel. Both were amazing!  We couldn't take pics in the Wren library, but it was fascinating - for once we were intrigued by the contents of the building rather than the building itself.

There were original notebooks from Isaac Newton with his scribbled notes in the margins, the original handwritten manuscript of Winnie the Pooh by Milne, a beautifully illustrated first edition Koran, a first book of Shakespeare, and more. 

King's College Chapel was located down a couple of alley/streets and around a corner. 

We visited a couple of museums - the Whipple museum was a surprising delight full of all sorts of scientific inventions.  

 Ceiling of the portico of the Fitzwilliam museum

Dan is a huge Pink Floyd fan so of course we had to have lunch at the Anchor, where some of Pink Floyd got their start.

This was a great start to our London stay and we're looking forward to exploring the big city even more.  For now, it's home to dinner at a neighborhood pub and sleep in our little apartment.

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