Paris -day 5

Day 5, Friday, Oct 9

This is the last day on our museum pass and Dan and I want to go to Versailles.  We take the RER train about 30 minutes outside Paris.  Once there, we got in line and waited and waited. It was past time to open so Dan went up to the gate where a crowd had gathered.  Lo and behold, Versailles was closed due to a museum strike!  We decided not to wait around and see if it was a short lived one or all day......we decided to return to the city and explore the Eiffel Tower area.

Here's what we saw of Versailles:

Back to Paris and the Eiffel:

Walking along the Seine from the train station to the Eiffel on a beautiful morning.
Taken using some built-in camera filter - kinda cool effect

an unusual perspective
of course we had to share a kiss at the most romantic site in the world, right?
We climbed about 350 steps to the first level (elevator lines were TOO long!) and looked around then actually ended up eating lunch at the restaurant on that level.  We had perfect seats right next to the window looking out over the Trocadero fountains and museum. Gorgeous!

Invalides in the distance as we climbed up the Eiffel

Trocadero fountains & museum (& notice the shadow of the Eiffel?) from our restaurant window

the Seine from the Eiffel
After lunch we decided to lazily make our way back to the apartment - we took the opportunity to "get lost" in the city and wandered about.  Here are a few things that caught our eye in this photogenic city.

fashion in windows everywhere and by law they have to post prices of everything displayed - that was eye-opening!
we turned a corner and were stunned by the impact of this building

i was imagining what it would be like to live in this top floor apartment..........

And that's the end of day 5 - a calm, slow paced, rewarding day.

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