VT church -day278

Bennington VT church -day278, originally uploaded by tpurk.

We went on vacation (finally!) and this year went to Vermont hoping to catch the fall leaves. We were REALLY lucky and caught northern VT at peak time. We had record-breaking warm temps (81) and perfect days until late Wed. Thur was a little rainy but we'd done most of what we wanted by then.

We flew into Albany NY and started at the south end of the state but stayed north by Burlington. The first little town across the border is Bennington and this church / cemetery was around the first corner in town.

It was a beautiful church built in the 1800's for $7800 and had a cool old cemetery. Little did we know it's where Robt Frost is buried!

I'll post all the 365 POTD in a row then will do an entry adding some supplementary shots....

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