Vermont miscellaneous

Some of our fave pics that don't fit the leaf, church or bridge categories (bridges and churches to follow)......

Inside the Bennington church....

A cemetery fence in Bennington.

Pumpkins were for sale everywhere.

A couple of cool barns.

Doors in Montpelier

The capitol building, Monteplier.

On Cindy's recommendation, we made sure to visit the Shelburne museum.  It's a village recreation circa 1800's complete with lots of antique tools and furnishings.  Many of the 'shops' were actual working ventures using the tools/techniques of the 1800's like the smithy shop (we watched an intern learning the craft), a print shop (he walked us through making a broadside), a weaver (on break), train depot, a couple of homes, etc.  The grounds were perfectly manicured for a park like feeling.

I had to include one of my "detail" shots of a closeup of an entry door to the smithy shop.

This paddle wheel boat was on display - it had been disassembled on Lk Champlain and moved piece by piece overland to this museum and reassembled.  We were surprised to see that it's arranged very much as cruise ships are today.

Finally, our visit to Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory - we saved it for the last day because the weather was supposed to be cloudy and rainy and it would be an indoor thing to do.  The factory is small and the 30 minute tour was okay.  We got free samples of new flavor Steven Colbert somethin' somethin' that was okay. Then we went up to the scoop shop and tried some others.  Dan had some triple chocolate thing and Cherry Garcia.  I had Jimmy Fallon Americana (with chocolate covered potato chips) and pumpkin pie.  We couldn't finish our cups - that's a lot of ice cream!

Keep reading below to see our favorite church pics.

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