Vermont leaf peeping

Our trip to Vermont was restful, not stressful (there's no traffic to speak of), filled with stunning scenic views and days of wandering down whatever road looked interesting.  We had a few general things on a to do list, but not nearly the detailed "must see" items of most of our trips.  We were just there to see what ever and take photographs and more photographs.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather - record setting warm days - so lots of sunshine (which actually made the leaves almost too bright).  Clouds moved in on Wednesday, Thursday was a little drizzly and cooler but we'd saved Ben and Jerry's for that day.  We left for Indiana early Friday morning.

When we arrived at the southern end of the state, it was pretty but nothing to write home about.  There was certainly some fall color but not what I was expecting from other pics I'd seen.  My reading said that the color starts north and gradually moves south, so I was hopeful that there would be more drama in the north where we were staying.

This was in Bennington - pretty, but not spectacular, right?

When we got to our condo, this was the panorama going up our hillside.  (We stayed in timeshare that is a ski lodge.)

Every day as we drove down the hill, we'd come around this curve and the morning light just made these colors glow.

One of our day trips further north to Jeffersonville found more red on the hillsides, adding even more drama and color to the landscape.

We took a drive through the much ballyhooed Smugglers' Notch - a winding, narrow mountain pass road that was pretty for the juxtaposition of autumn color against rugged rock.  However, there were SO many cars squeezing through that it was hard to appreciate the beauty of nature and keep from hitting another car!

 (This section actually kind of reminded us of Sundance in Utah)

Mack Mountain Road was a drive recommended by a local - we LOVED it; it was such a gorgeous country road.

Another recommendation from the same local - Groton State Park - we took the hike up to Owl's Head viewpoint and found this stunning view!

More Groton Lake / Park

Cloudy skies so it must have been on Thursday.  It's in Waterbury, the village closest to us and on the way up to Ben and Jerry's near Stowe.

 The above two shots are on the grounds of Ben & Jerry's.

I broke the photos up by category so you can browse them as you're interested.  There's a post for leaves (this one), one for Indiana, one for Montreal, one for churches and one for bridges.  I tried to pick just a representative sampling to give you an idea of all the great things we saw.

You can leave a comment on any or all of the posts - let us know what you think.....

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