Vermont bridge highlights


The first bridges we found were in Bennington, our first stop in southern Vermont.  We stopped at a museum on the way into town and picked up a brochure with a simplified map showing 3 bridges in town.  We drove around and hunted down two - they were very similar so we gave up on trying to find the third.

I had a list of bridges that I'd found online in the area that we were staying.  The problem is that I only had a town name, no address.  So we headed into the tiny town of Cambridge looking for a bridge.  You have to understand, these are really small towns.  We figured a bridge had to be over a river, right?  So we found a small river and a road that ran alongside it and followed it for a ways - no luck.  So we gave up.  On the way out of town, I look over in a field and.......there's the bridge! I almost had the impression it was on someone's private property, but we got out and got the pictures!  The first one shows the inside structure - the early use of arches to support a structure.

A nearby town of Jeffersonville had this bridge - it's different because of the "skylight" addition for better air circulation.

This little bridge was in East Montpelier - clearly not still in use.  About half the bridges we saw were landmarks and half were still in use.

Even Canada has covered bridges - one of the first signs we saw after crossing to Canada was a graphic for a covered bridge, so we followed the signs into the farm land to find this bridge.

A really long bridge in Shelburne as part of the Shelburne museum.

Finally, this bridge, despite it's name, is located in Kokomo - in the main town park!

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