Grande Burrito -day70

After our Yuen Lui studio photos, we took the boys to lunch at one of Adam's fave places, Gorditos in Greenwood. Eric ordered the grande burrito - here it is side by side with their 'standard' that I ordered. His fork helps give perspective as well. He ate that whole thing in the time I ate half of mine (and took the other half home!). Ah, youth.


  1. Why are burritos so stinkin' good? And how do boys eat so much? Both Michael and Chris totally amaze me with how much food they can put down. Although I am wondering if Dan still could out-eat them all... I have heard legendary stories about Dan and his Thanksgiving Mashed potato mountains.

  2. Yeah, but Dan's older and wiser now and not even in the same league -he's passed the torch. Eric can really put it away when he puts his mind to it - there's a place in town that makes 12 egg omelets complete with hash browns and the fixin's and he can eat all that! I'd be so sick! It's fun watching them eat tho.