Circle -day78

DailyShoot theme: circles

Dan and I took several hours today and wandered about taking pics. We were lost, caught in traffic jams, detoured around lots of road construction and more, but we didn't give up! He'd found a couple places on his bike ride he wanted me to see, but you get to them differently on a bike trail than on a road! These gears were in this tiny little park by Green River as sculpture.

We went to the Ballard farmer's market then to the U District to photograph the cherry blossoms - only they're not blooming yet! Everywhere else in the city, but not there! Leaving there, the freeway was all backed up so we avoided it and went another way ending up at Gasworks then across the Montlake cut and picked up the freeway over there. What an unexpected day. A little cold and breezy but no rain!!!

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