170/365 Jazz on the Lake

We took a trip to Vegas on Saturday - we wanted to go to Jazz on the Lake again. Dan invited a friend (I'm talking to him here) who also brought a friend. Now, here's a "small world" moment for you...... during the conversation he was talking of a recent trip to Turkey so Dan mentioned I'd lived there. When I told him I lived in Yalova and my orthodontist was in Istanbul, he was stunned. He was born & raised in Yalova! Who'd a thunk it????

Here's an ambiance shot - sun setting and lighting the mountains, serene lake, we're enjoying a cool breeze off the lake and curling our toes in the grass. Delightful!
I've been remiss in my daily photo efforts lately. I've become caught up in a new project (more about that soon) and so this project has taken a hit..... I'll get back on track, promise.

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