147/365 masterful master

A bonus pic - found these perfect drapes at Walmart of all places - pick up both the colors perfectly and even tie in with my multiple chair seat colors. Yay! Really helps to soften a room full of hard surfaces.

Last room done is the master- 3 walls creamy yellow and one darker gold (same as office). It was time for a change here too, so moved most Asian inspired things in here and had to find a fabric that was Asian but with blue to go with the comforter. Found this great fabric with cranes and stylized mums in golds that worked beautifully. The back accent pillows are pillow cases that I trimmed with a blue flange and beaded trim. Dan likes it cuz it's less pillows than before! I like it cuz it makes all the 'old' stuff feel new - for just a couple yards of fabric.

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