88/365 Unusual Clouds

These clouds were SO weird looking - smooth, flat, sandwiched grey to white. I saw them on the way home, called Dan & made him go out and look, then pulled over, pulled out my trusty camera and snapped away. Don't think I've seen any quite like this before.

Been lazy about actually posting once a day but this demanded immediate action!

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  1. Re the clouds--don't you know? Those are the same clouds that the ET's use as cover when they land their spaceships on Mt. Shasta to go to their undermountain conclave with the Ma people, who are the remnants of the survivors of the lost island of Ma (similar to Altantis, but in the Pacific). I know this because I went to Mt. Shasta with a metaphysical friends of mine and she told me all about it (no lie)--jeez, Terrie, get with it! xo, Pat
    P.S. My friend is very happy at the mental asylum.