86/365 Kingman

We went to Kingman Saturday to explore and see if we could find a house to rent. Dan made 6 appointments and believe it or not, we actually found a house. We may be moving as early as this weekend (4/12) but if not, next weekend for sure.

Here's a 'mural' I found painted on an antique store downtown.

Dan's new office: Frontier Communications! Yes, it looks like a neighborhood post office. It's out in the sticks, all by itself, surrounded by cows and desert.

This is what Kingman looks like from almost anywhere. Flat surrounded by mountains. 1-story houses. Desert. An occasional rock cluster or hill. This was taken from in front of Dan's office.
I checked - no Barnes & Noble, no Borders, no Costco, no Michaels, no Penneys or any mall-type stores. OMG!


  1. You will have much more time for your art what without all those nasty ol' shopping opportunities to sidetrack you.

  2. I looked through my old pix of our Grand Canyon trip and found one of Mr. D's drive-in in Kingman--have you been there yet? It was the center of Kingman activity--bright pink, great Route 66 decor!
    xo, Pat