Underneath -day159

I returned to the botanical garden today to take advantage of the slight cloud breaks. I was hoping peonies would be blooming but they look like they've got another few weeks..... At one point I sat down to get a different perspective (see the next post for those shots) and remembered the bright idea to try some shots from the flower's perspective. So I just put my camera down near the ground, aimed it generally up, and shot away. No looking through the viewfinder to frame the shot, no lighting/color adjustments, just random pics. As you might suspect, lots weren't any good - too bright, too boring, too out of focus, only sky, etc. However, I did a few very interesting shots that convinced me that this can be a fun technique to try every once in awhile!

The idea for this was planted by a post I read at The Kat's Eye View. You can see more "underneath" shots from other photographers there.


  1. Oh, wonderful! It is fun to play this way isn't it? I love this image too, such a unique angle and perfect against that blue sky. Thanks so much for joining in with Exploring with a Camera!

  2. Hi Terrie, I notice that we had similar perspectives on Kat's photo challenge. were you crawling around underneath flowers too? after viewing other submissions I questioned my own take on it. until seeing yours! I like it.
    have a great day!