Week 11 Themed Photos

This week I took the "lazy" way out and have used pictures I've taken since January 1 that fit the 365 theme photo group. I often take more than 1 a day and have a hard time deciding which to use, so this allows me to fit in some of those earlier shots. I think I've mentioned the 365pic theme before (check out a couple of the links in my faves to see examples of others and for a full list of the themes). It's a different source of inspiration when I run out of ideas of what to take pictures of. This picture of Tigger I actually took today - I was outside taking pics and she followed me out front but never strays more than 3 feet from the front door. Here some noise had just focused her attention away from trying to get back in the house. Love those whiskers! This fulfills theme #97: feline friends.

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